Same-Sex Wedding Photography

Love is love, but if you're in a LGBTQ relationship and looking for a same-sex wedding photographer (and a bit of reassurance), this page is for you!
When someone else's happiness is your happiness
That is love

I ummed and aahed about making this page. Because to me, regardless of whether it is gay or straight, love is love. So I asked some of my friends, whether I needed to make a bit more effort on my website to show more same-sex couples - they mostly agreed. So I've done that, but I've also made this page here. Just to be even more clear that:

1. I photograph same sex weddings
2. I enjoy photographing same sex weddings and
3. Same sex weddings are awesome

Here's a few links to weddings that I've done and loved. But sexual preference really makes no difference to me. If you're in love and my work resonates with you, CALL ME because I would love to hear from you!!