Wedding Resources


Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is kind of really fun because you get to learn the awesome new skill with your very favourite person that you never get to use again. Thankfully, you don’t have to remember it all! To help out, I’ve put together some informative articles and photographer Leeds tips to make planning for your engagement session and wedding day a little easier (or at least entertaining).

Before you plan for photos, you’ll want to choose a photographer and I have a page on what choosing a photographer looks like to get you started!

I want to preface all of these little bits of writing and advice with the idea that, while these articles are here to help get you started, a lot of what I’m here to help you with prior to your wedding day is is talk through the wedding day timeline with you and discuss lighting concerns. I’m also here to put you at

We can go over the best time for glowing sunset portraits and make sure you’re spending time on your wedding day the way you want. So if you goal is to spend cocktail hour with your guests instead of taking photos, we can make that happen and find a time to take portraits at other times during the day!

This day is yours and should be about the two of you and showing what your love looks like. And I’m just there to photograph it all. Did I mention how much I love my job?