January 24, 2020

The Perch Wedding | Julia & Luke

The Perch Wedding

Oxford Wedding Photographer

The Perch Wedding:

Firstly, Julia and Luke’s The Perch wedding took place in May this year. It was a beautiful spring wedding outdoor under the canopy of blossom trees with the afternoon tea and reception inside the hall afterwards. As a matter of fact, the couple chose this venue due to the combination of outdoor and indoor elements that would perfectly cater to their vision for an intimate boho luxe wedding with close family and friends. Also, Saltmarshe Hall wedding venue are so flexible about what they offer.

The Couple:

Julia is a professional wedding photographer and we first met in a Facebook group for photographers who are also mums. What’s more, we would cross paths at workshops and steadily built up an acquaintance which included Julia second shooting for me last year. Of course, I remember when she announced she was having a Saltmarshe Hall wedding, I hoped she would consider me. Luckily, when she did I was really chuffed to bits.

Additionally, Julia is a fantastic photographer in her own right and is well established in the industry. As such, I knew that Julia would be happy to go the extra mile for her photographs. Consequently, working with clients who really love photography helps push my creativity further and this was certainly the case at her wedding. Also, I have to say that Luke was absolutely amazing. He knew exactly the kind of shots we wanted and didn’t mind us taking time to capture them at all!

On a side note, I thought that it might be a bit nerve-wracking shooting another photographer’s wedding. However, honestly it was so easy. To clarify, Julia and Luke are a combination of relaxed and artistic with amazing taste which works so well for photographs. Therefore, they are a total dream to photograph and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Lastly their venue was the perfect setting too and I would definitely love to shoot a The Perch wedding again.


The Theme:

It was really important for Julia and Luke to


The Perch Wedding Venue:

Finally, The Perch wedding venue is such a brilliant place to have your Oxford wedding. Especially, there are so many options in terms of which rooms you can get ready in and locations where you can have your ceremony. In addition, they have two outdoor locations and rooms where you can have your wedding ceremony. Julia opted for a woodland wedding because if the weather turns to rain, there are several rooms indoor that can be used.

The Perch wedding venue have a very similar ethos to myself. For instance, I don’t like to box my clients into packages where they are forced to have something they don’t want. The Perch wedding venue is exactly the same. Subsequently, clients have the ability to really personalise their wedding day and create something memorable. Particularly, the building is fronted by the River Ouse and set in 17 acres of stunning Oxfordshire countryside. Not to mention, picturesque views can be seen from all areas of the garden which is just perfect for photographs for your The Perch Wedding.


The Suppliers:

Photography:   Lianne Gray Photography

Hair: Katie-Jane Whitlock

Flowers: Green & Gorgeous Flowers

Ceremony Venue: Rhodes House

Reception Venue: The Perch

Videography: Lukas & Laura Films

Groom Prep: Old Parsonage Hotel

Boats: Salters Steamers

Catering: The Perch

Lastly, if you are having a The Perch wedding and need an Oxford Wedding Photographer, please get in touch here in order to find out more about my services.



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The Perch Wedding | Julia & Luke | Lianne Gray Photography
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The Perch Wedding | Julia & Luke | Lianne Gray Photography
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The Perch Wedding | Julia & Luke | Lianne Gray Photography
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The Perch Wedding | Julia & Luke | Lianne Gray Photography
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