July 8, 2018

A Sunset-Drenched Saltburn Engagement Shoot | Jen & Becka

A Sunset Engagement Shoot in Saltburn-By-The Sea

Saltburn Engagement Photographer

The Couple:

First of all, I met Jen and Becka at the beginning of 2017. I ran a quick promotion for a free album with your wedding photography and they were one of the couples who decided to book me. As such, I met them at a cafe local to them and we had a great chat, but then didn’t really see them again until summer this year for their Saltburn engagement shoot. So there was a bit of nerves on both sides before we got under way.

I have no idea why, because we get on so well! Jen and Becka are definitely the kind of clients I just want to be best friends with. They also have the kind of relationship that is easy-going and relaxed. They fit one another, in a way that feels like they have been together forever. And the best part (at least in my eyes) is that they literally just swap clothes/shoes whenever they feel like it!! It really is just like being engaged to your best friend. They are total #relationshipgoals and I couldn’t be happier to be their wedding photographer.


The Saltburn Engagement Photoshoot:

Becka used to go to Saltburn-By-The-Sea all the time with her grandma. When I asked them to choose a special place, it totally made sense to her to choose this place. The cliffs, the pier, the sea. It is filled with nostalgia for her and Jen. I am always extremely happy to travel for the pre-wedding session and this was no different. Saltburn is absolutely beautiful and I was even happier that they were content to shoot later in the evening so we could shoot at golden hour. Which is 100% the perfect light for photographs. 



Last of all, I can’t emphasise enough how much the light makes a difference. Shooting at golden hour is so much more beautiful than any other time of day. We had such an amazing sunset on the day and this amazing light helps to bring out the colours of the shoot. We can of course shoot in the day time, but I always suggest we avoid lunch time, as light is harshest then. Early mornings and late afternoons always look best.


Saltburn Tourist Information

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Need somewhere to eat? I recommend The Kings Grill on Milton Street. Lovely atmosphere and the staff are really helpful.

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