Pre-Wedding Sessions

Pre-Wedding Sessions Style

(aka WTF do I wear??)

Just be yourself (with some extra colour)

Keep the location in mind when you’re planning for what to wear at your pre-wedding session. Reds and yellows work well for autumn and winter for example, blues and yellows for summer and spring. But no matter the season, I can’t emphasise enough how good primary colours look in photographs.

If you’re more comfortable wearing black, even having a scarf or top in a green or burgundy can work well too, something to help the images ‘pop’ . I generally discourage clients from wearing all black each as it will be harder to see you in the photographs, especially against a darker background.

I personally don’t need an excuse for shopping, but if you do then pre-wedding sessions are a perfect chance for you to get that new dress or pair of shoes you’ve been wanting to buy for ages.


A quick note on shoes – if we’re walking in the countryside, flats are best or walking boots are even better. Another example of why you need to consider your location when planning your outfit. 



Accessories are super cool

Hats, sunglasses, braces, belts, scarfs and ties. Oh me, oh my.

This is a photoshoot, so if you wouldn’t dare wearing one of those black hats with the brim ‘in real life’, be brave and try it out in your pre-wedding session. I promise it will look really cool. But if you’re not feeling ‘hipster’ enough to pull something like that off (the struggle is real!), having your hair done or even combining a make-up trial with your pre-wedding session is a great way of building your confidence for shots in front of the camera.

If you’re both looking to wear accessories, try coordinating your look. Sunglasses for example can be a really cool addition to a shoot especially if you’re both wearing them. We can do some of the shoot with them and some without.

pre-wedding sessions



Pre-Wedding Sessions Don’ts (preferably)

Avoid really baggy clothes, tops with writing on them and trainers (think running shoes not converse) where possible. Baggy clothes make you look bigger than you are and tops with logos are an unnecessary distraction in the photographs and can look too informal. Those who wear them, if you don’t like to see your bra or bra straps, then double check you’re wearing an outfit that covers these items of clothing.

Think of it as though you are dressing for a date together in the day time. “Smart casual”.

smart casual, adjective
(of clothes) neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style, especially as worn to conform to a particular dress code.

I would also recommend you bring as few items with you as possible to the shoot. Stopping to hide handbags or rucksacks before we can continue can interrupt the flow of the shoot. If you can’t do without your phone or purse, I would be happy to carry them for you – just ask.




Bring your own style

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. So absolutely be brave with your choices, but don’t dress to look like someone that you are not. You want to showcase your features and your individuality and your amazing-ness. And depending on where we are going, you may also need to be able to walk and move easily.

For those who like to wear make-up, if you manage to co-ordinate the shoot with your make-up trial then great. If not, I would recommend you keep it simple. Bold lip colours and smokey eye make-up are my favourite for photographs. Same for your nails. If you want to have them done, it can really help with your confidence in front of the camera, but it’s absolutely your call. None of these things need to be done if it’s really not your thing.


I need to add a really important caveat here. When you meet me you will see that I currently rock a mum style that consists of whatever is clean and I only do my makeup if I made it out of the house in time (because kids). I’m hardly a fashionista; but I do know what looks good in photographs and what doesn’t. As such, I want to make sure that you have the do’s and don’ts to hand so you can get the best look for your pre-wedding session.

If you still aren’t sure and I know that some of you still won’t be, I’ve got some Pinterest links for you below. I am also always available to give a second opinion, all you need to do is ask.