January 16, 2019

Best of 2018 | A Year in Review

“I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I’ll never meet the ground”

Let’s get it straight, I am not someone who is usually lost for words and yet I really don’t even know where to start when thinking about the year that has just passed. There has been 28 weddings, 30 couple photoshoots, 4 countries, 1 broken ankle, several mountains, 2 boats and 6 airplanes all in the space of 12 months and it’s pretty hard to distil all of those things into a couple of paragraphs for a blog. But whilst it is difficult to put into words, it is easy for me understand how I feel about 2018. And that is honoured, humbled, lucky, happy and proud. More than anything else, I appreciate the trust that these incredible couples have placed in me to capture not just their memories, but to give them photographs that they can feel those moments all over again. 

My job as a wedding photographer, isn’t just to point and click. It’s not to just get the camera settings right (although that’s important too). It’s not a tick list or a range of motions that I go through. It is pushing my artistry and creativity as an individual who loves ‘love’ and who loves photography. It is creating something impossibly meaningful for two people who love one another in a way that is unique and beautiful. It is never underestimating how important this job is or how lucky I am that this is something I do well and get better at. It is always putting my heart into my work and being grateful that so many couples really love what I do. 

Even now, every morning before a couple photoshoot or wedding I wake up and feel this thrill of excitement. It is electric. It is what carries me forward into a place where the camera just feels like an extension of my eyes and my mind and it’s a beautiful place to be in. It is what has carried me through 2018 and right to this moment now where I am writing this post. I love what I do. That is something that I never thought I’d be able to say in my life time. I love what I do. I will never take it for granted.

At the beginning of 2018 if you’d have asked me what I wanted from the year. I would have told you that I wanted to soar. What did I mean by that? I wanted to take what I had already built and really fly with it, to not feel constrained and to be braver. I know that I did all of that and more, the proof is in the pictures.

So what I want from 2019 is to take that even further. I want to really see what I can do and take all of that emotion and passion that’s full to brimming inside me and imbue it into every photograph. I want to hear love stories, see happy times, be present and part of so many unforgettable moments. And what blows my mind is that all of that is possible. I just need to be. 


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Best of 2018 | A Year in Review | Lianne Gray Photography
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Best of 2018 | A Year in Review | Lianne Gray Photography
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Amazing Work Lianne! Looks like you had a great year! x

Beautiful, beautiful work! Quite evidentally an amazing year for you!!

Absolutely loved looking at your 2018 wedding season. visually sublime, breathtaking wedding photography. thanks for sharing….