August 16, 2018

Amsterdam Engagement Session in Jordaan | Campbell & George

Amsterdam Engagement Session

Amsterdam Wedding Photographer

(this couple are just too cool)

The Couple:

Firstly, I met Campbell when I stayed at the Cityhub hotel when I was visiting Amsterdam. She immediately struck me as being not only super helpful, but a genuinely kind person. She has an amazing relationship with George who is a barber in the city. They had recently moved house and live in Jordaan so it made sense for us to have our Amsterdam engagement shoot there. It was also once of the easiest and most relaxed sessions I have had. They are so natural together and it was not difficult for me to capture their love and their connection. All couples are different and however they love one another is totally unique to them. Campbell and George’s love is the kind that makes you smile. The kind that is like a whispered laugh close by. I only wish that I could get to know them both better, they seem like the kind of people I would love to go for a coffee with.

The Location:

Okay so Jordaan is literally one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I’m going to blog more on this soon, but the architecture, the mix of old and new and the relaxed hippie vibe is just a pleasure to shoot in. I loved my time there and would go again in a heart beat when I get a chance to. It reminds me a lot of York actually in that there is this amazing history to all of the buildings although pretty much everyone in Amsterdam I talked to, or met just seemed way more relaxed. So for me, as a York wedding photographer, it really felt like being back at home. Our Amsterdam engagement session really just was a walk along the canals.

The Final Note:

I feel so lucky that my job can take me beyond the confines of a single office space. It was my first time shooting in Europe, my first time shooting an Amsterdam engagement and just first time for any sort of destination wedding photography. I spend most of my time as a Yorkshire wedding photographer shooting in the north of the UK. But this was such an amazing experience. I loved being able to capture the streets of Amsterdam, the canals and the greenery and architecture. Amsterdam is a city that feels like a village. I only hope that I can go there agaijn really soon. I would love to meet Campbell and George again and meet with local photographers.



I ate in a few different places in Amsterdam. My absolute favourite places was just close to CityHub called FoodHallen . It’s basically a warehouse with loads of food carts. But the food is amazing and there’s plenty of stalls for beer and wine too. It’s not at all weird if you’re travelling on your own either. You can stand or sit to eat your food and there’s such a variety. My favourite was Dim SumThing but there’s food for all appetites. Best of all it’s like not even 5 minutes from CityHub so I could easily go out and shoot all day and stop by FoodHallen on the way back to the hotel.

If you need a UK wedding photographer who is happy to travel for your destination wedding. Or would like an Amsterdam engagement shoot please get in touch!

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