January 6, 2018

Best Of 2017 | A Year In Review

In 2017, I photographed 25 weddings as the main or second photographer and did 6 wedding shoots that were each published either online or in national magazines.

It was a busy and brilliant year, and one where I realised I can say so very confidently that I love my job. I love meeting new clients and seeing them excited about their wedding plans. I love hearing about how they met and chose one another. I love seeing people in love on one of the best days of their life. I love that they  decided to pick me to capture to their story, a story that is unique to only them.

In the midst of all of this, I realise what I do so much, that it actually doesn’t feel like a job really. It feels like an honour, an emotional rollercoaster, inspiring, wonderful, uplifting. But not very much like work – well, except for all the editing. And more than ever I feel like such a lucky, lucky lady.

I am also pushing myself creatively more than ever before. I have done mentoring work with the amazing S6 Photography and workshops with The Secret Retreat. I have a long way to go still, but am so inspired to go further and see where my own love story with photography takes me.

I’m now looking to 2018 and I am beyond excited. I’m pretty much fully booked now, with just a few slots left. I am still looking for couples who want an adventure.

Here are some images I love from some of my 2017 weddings, if this is work then I don’t want any other job.