About Me


Lianne Gray Photography - I am a creative wedding photographer from Yorkshire who specialises in romantic, storytelling wedding photography.

My Photographic Style

I’m inspired by the simple sweetness of the everyday, the stories of families being themselves. I love using natural light because of its beautiful, soft quality, and how it changes over time. In the autumn, when the sun is low in the sky, it creates a hazy, ethereal effect. Summers are for crisp, bright smiles and winter has a calm, white purity to it. With spring comes a joyful relief, a soaking in of warmth and light. I work with these colours, or the lack of them, to capture authentic, emotive images of real family connections. No posing necessary. No forced smiles.

My Shoot Approach

In many ways I am still learning, testing and trying to find the best approach for my photoshoots. But what from I understand so far, there isn’t a single ‘one fits all’ approach to photography or at least not for me. So I let the natural interaction between my clients to dictate the flow of the session. Occasionally, I may give some gentle direction to make sure everyone is in the best light, but I am mainly an observer capturing memories as they unfold.

Please get in touch via my contact page if you want to find out more.