My name is Lianne. I like old books, epic landscapes and windy days. I have been a storyteller my whole life and now I tell stories using my camera. My favourite stories to tell are about love; whether it’s big moments such as a first married kiss at a wedding, or small ones that you would hardly notice, such as the way a child holds their mother’s hand.

As a photographer it is my aim to capture the things that can’t be pinned down easily with words, such as a look or an expression or the way you laugh together. In all relationships there is a heartfelt and intense connection that is utterly unique to you and I promise I can capture it, if you want me to.

I am greatly inspired by the films I watched growing up; the colours, mood and symmetry of the movies I’ve seen have helped me develop a style that feels uniquely mine. So my photographs don’t look the same as anyone else’s and I don’t follow any specific photographic rules or traditions. I am artistic and creative and I want my photographs to be beautiful, whether that’s because of the film-inspired colours or the setting or the real emotion captured in the image.

I love love stories. My very own love story is with my camera and my photographs. You might be here because you want your love story captured by a creative wedding photographer. Perhaps you have just had a baby and want those first few peaceful days captured by a baby photographer so you can keep the memories forever. Or maybe you’re planning a wedding at a far off destination and want an adventurous destination photographer by your side. I am all of those things. So whatever it may be, I’d love to hear your story. I will tell you a bit about the things that I love too, and we can see whether I would be the right photographer for you.

Get in touch here if you’d like to talk more.